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30 September 2022

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The King of Shu frowned slightly and said, "Mighty Hou drove out the four barbarians by force and cared about the development of farming. He had great military exploits and outstanding achievements. King Gu appreciated him very much.". But Hou Ye in the end is too young, do things can not help but like quick success and instant benefit, some things affect the overall situation, should be cautious, and Hou Ye. It's a little thoughtless. As soon as this word came out, the hall was suddenly silent, and the atmosphere began to become tense. The king of Shu is the present emperor's uncle, the supreme leader of Bashu, and his prestige is grand, and he is the most virtuous king in the world. It was not impolite for him to reprimand any minister of the first or second grade at will, and no one would dare to contradict him. But who is Yang Ling? Although he did not come to visit the king of Shu under the banner of an imperial envoy, he was a real imperial envoy. He served as an attendant to the prince, and had the merit of being supported by the dragon; he was a close minister of the emperor, and fought with the emperor against a strong enemy in Datong; he was a deputy marshal of the four armies outside the capital, and the commander in chief, who spent three days fishing and two days drying nets, was Emperor Zhengde himself. Looking at the world today, in addition to the prime minister of the inner court Liu Jin, which minister in the court saw him not short on three points? Such a person under ten thousand people above, although the status of the top of the sky is not as good as the king of Shu. But the distance between him and the emperor is much closer than that of your uncle who has not dealt directly with the emperor for more than a hundred years. An Wentao had even prepared to play and publicize to the market: Today is sunny and cloudless. His Royal Highness Zhu Binhan, King of Shu, cordially met with Yang Ling,information kiosk price, the imperial envoy, the mighty Marquis and the dragon and tiger general of Zhuguo at the Qingyang Palace. The meeting was held in a peaceful, warm, and friendly atmosphere. With the purpose of mutual understanding and seeking common ground while reserving differences, the two sides exchanged views on the military situation, agricultural development, and other issues. In the evening, His Royal Highness Zhu Binhan hosted a dinner in honor of the imperial envoy and his entourage at the Doumu Palace. The banquet was brimming with.. Originally two people flatter each other, take disgusting as interesting,digital signage screen, this is not very good chat, Shu king this is how? The officials looked at each other and dared not say much. Leeson's eyes flashed shrewdly, and then he resumed his reckless and rude expression and sat there foolishly. Governor An Wentao panicked and hurried to see Zhu Rangjin. Zhu Rangjin also looked at a loss: "Isn't my father afraid that Yang Ling will make trouble in Sichuan?"? Today's meeting was supposed to be a courtesy visit, so just give him enough face to send him away. Father, which one is this? In fact, the king of Shu really did not mean to embarrass Yang Ling. Yang Ling vigorously promoted farming, which was deeply appreciated by the king of Shu who had been adhering to the idea that food was the first necessity of the people and farming was the foundation of the world. At the same time, Yang Ling publicized the prestige of the Ming Dynasty and conquered the four barbarians by force. It also made him admire him very much. However, because of Yang Ling, Liu Jian, Xie Qian and other old ministers highly respected by the King of Shu were expelled from the court one by one, which greatly reduced Zhu Binhan's good impression of Yang Ling. In addition, some policies advocated by Yang Ling made the King of Shu feel too radical. Only then did he think that although he had talent and learning, he was frivolous and craved for greatness and success. In ancient times, there were many such talents, but most of them were like a flash of a comet. Finally, Interactive digital signage ,facial recognization camera, he was eliminated from the political arena. Seeing Yang Ling's courtesy today, the king of Shu changed his impression of him and gave birth to the idea of loving talent for a while. The so-called deep love and hatred, he changed his original intention and wanted to mention something to Yang Ling. Yang Ling is also a little surprised, this is the king of Shu accused his own policy is wrong. The king of Shu is known as a virtuous man, and he did make a difference in governing Shu. Could it be that he did make a mistake in his political views? Yang Ling quickly leaned over and said, "Please give me some advice. What do you mean?" The king of Shu took the tea from Zhu Rangjin. He took a sip and handed it back. With a gentle wave of his hand, he said, "For example, you proposed to open the tea-horse trade in the north, so as to ease the conflict with the Duoyan Sanwei and the Jurchens, and to hold the Tartar tribes hostage. You killed two birds with one stone. The solitary king appreciated it very much.". However, the lifting of the ban on the opening of the sea and the transportation of all countries made the solitary king feel that it was not appropriate. The king heard that you also suggested changing the system of garrisons and wasteland set by the Hongwu Dynasty into a conscription system. This is just grandstanding and child's play. The hall was silent for a moment, and everyone watched Yang Ling's reaction quietly. The young first powerful minister of the Zhengde Dynasty used thunderous means to destroy the inner court and the East Factory, and used both hard and soft means to force out Liu Jian and Xie Qian. Faced with the criticism of the King of Shu, did such a strong and soft figure fly into a rage or temporarily endure? Unexpectedly, Yang Ling actually smiled, a very helpless smile. He sighed lightly and asked helplessly, "So what does Wang Yeh think of the low fighting power of the Ming army and the increasing financial distress?" In the forest behind the Qingyang Palace, a vigorous figure flashed in, using the cover of bushes and flowers, quietly to the residence of the King of Shu. Under the rule of the king of Shu, the city of Chengdu has always been safe, and the palace guards who are responsible for guarding the palace will inevitably relax for a long time. Today, when the imperial envoy visits, the guards are doubled, which makes the vigilance even worse. There was no need for the figure to inquire about the residence of the king of Shu. There were the most guards around the hall, and there were guards with guns and swords before and after. It was obvious that the king of Shu lived in this Taoist temple. The guards in the Qingyang Palace were so ordinary that it was difficult to find the man dodging and approaching quietly, but there were no trees around the hall to cover him, so the man could not get close. The man covered his face with a blue scarf, showing only a pair of shining eyes, and looked around cautiously. This man is Li Dayi, the Second Young Leader of the Maitreya Sect. He sneaked in today just to observe, to see if there is an opportunity to take advantage of, but also to know more about Yang Ling, so as to have a good idea. So many officers and soldiers, even if not that day in the bamboo forest to meet the first-class master, with personal martial arts again high. He was also unable to break in, so looking at this posture, Li Dayi gave up the idea of assassination. He shrank his body to the smallest and escaped into a Bush with white flowers blooming. As long as he squatted inside and remained motionless, even if the guards passed by the flowers, it was very difficult to find the figure under the luxuriant branches and leaves. In the hall, the king of Shu, who was very excited, had a sickly red tide on his pale cheeks. He heaved a sigh of relief and then said, "So, King Gu thinks that I, the Celestial Empire, have a vast territory and abundant resources, and I only want to emphasize agriculture and restrain commerce.". If you can be self-sufficient, why do you need to associate with barbarians? Barbarians do not seek the right path, do not abide by the kingcraft,temperature screening kiosk, and specialize in strange skills. The frivolous and extravagant trend in the south of the Yangtze River is already flourishing, which is bound to intensify. "The folkways of the people think of evil, and turmoil is born." 。 hsdtouch.com

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