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30 September 2022

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First Name : Matherly668
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Txt novel heaven I went around the other side, looked along the light, and was stunned. Behind the stone tablet was a lean man, dressed as colorful as the dead flower seedling we had just found! Is this the real leader who carries the sky lantern? I waved to Tian Li not to be too nervous, this guy is already half dead, covered with blood, may be dead at any time. After dragging the half-dead guy out, I squatted down to see what kind of injuries he had suffered, while Tian Li watched him vigilantly. Hua Miao was badly hurt. He was cut open in the abdomen by a very wide blade. The blood was almost gone. I looked at him a few times and said to Tian Li with certainty, "This man can't be saved. He will die." Hua Miao opened her dazed eyes and said in a low voice, "Yes, I'm going to die soon. Are you Feng Yixi?"? I, Zhao Cheng, have long heard of you! Hearing this guy's fluent Chinese, I suddenly remembered my girlfriend Han Yena in Beijing and hurriedly asked him: "Don't die first, tell me quickly, why did you kill me in Beijing?"? And where is my girlfriend Han Yena? The man named Zhao Cheng was also quite hard-boned. His stomach was almost cut open. He still endured the pain and said with a wry smile,ultrasonic molten metal, "It's a long story. I'm finally going to be free anyway. I'll tell you everything. Just don't interrupt me. When I'm finished, give me a good time!" I couldn't help nodding, and Tian Li came over. Zhao Cheng suddenly saw the ancient jade on my wrist and said in surprise, "Xiong Longdan!"! You got Xiong Longdan unexpectedly! I looked at my wrist and remembered that I put it on my wrist at that time, so I said indifferently, "It's just a piece of jade!"! If it were me, I wouldn't sacrifice my life for this. Besides,ultrasonic dispersion machine, I've seen it. The jade is not pure. There's a bird-like impurity in it. Zhao Cheng was frightened by my words: "Bird!"! Is it true that you saw the bird? That's impossible, right? That's the phoenix embryo conceived in Xiong Longdan! Zhao Chengqiang, who was excited, stood up and looked at me, and soon lay down on the ground: "This is it, it's really you!"! No wonder. I see, I see everything! Do you know the origin of Xiong Longdan? Let me tell you that this ancient jade carving is a kind of ancient mythical beast, called Xiong Long, which was once used by the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan. At that time, the Yellow Emperor led his troops to fight with the descendants of Shennong and the tribe of Emperor Yan for years. The dragon fought in the wild, and its blood was black and yellow. The blood was injured in the battle between heaven and earth, and both Yin and Yang were injured. This Xiong Long Dan is said to be the dragon Dan formed after the war, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, with magical power. "Xiong Longdan gives life the ability to create and adapt itself, while Phoenix Eye gives life the ability to reproduce itself.". "Self-creation", "self-reproduction" and "self-adaptation" are the main characteristics of life. In ancient times, any life must have these three indispensable conditions to survive. It can also be said that without the three abilities endowed by Xiong Longdan and Phoenix Eye, any life will lose the conditions to continue to exist. I was in a trance and said, "I also know a little about what you said. The Xiong, Xiong, and Xiong who followed the Yellow Emperor to fight were all the names of the tribes in the Yellow Emperor Alliance with wild animals as their totem. The Yellow Emperor was originally surnamed Gongsun, and his name was Xuanyuan, and his name was Xiong. He was the ancestor of the Central Plains people. This Xiong Longdan must be the totem worship of the Yellow Emperor tribe.". There are many scholars who firmly believe that the civilization of the world originated from the Chinese dragon. As Laozi says, "Water is almost in the Tao." The hexagram Kan and the hexagram Kun show the origin of life and the connotation of the evolution of all things. But why is there a phoenix embryo in Xiong Longdan? w w w. xiao shuotxt. co m The forty-fifth chapter is beginning to emerge. "I don't know this. I'm not an expert, but I'm worried about you. If you are really Zheng Ke, the general of Rong Wang, and this place is arranged by the old Rong Wang, your situation is not good. I'm really curious about the first fierce general under Rong Wang. How can he rebel?"? Could it be that the enemy woman general named Zhao Shan had something to do with him? I was thoroughly amused by Tian Li's question full of vinegar: "Haha, you are a woman, but you can really fool people, where to follow where?"? You can also arrange it together! Tian Li said to me very seriously: "Hey, I said Lao Feng, this matter is not groundless, you did not hear that Zhao Cheng said that their leader in Beijing is Zhao Shan.." No, why are they all surnamed Zhao? I was so angry with Tian Li that I went on a rampage: "Stop!"! Stop it! I said stop! Don't take this wild speculation seriously! Look at what you said, does it really seem like there is such a thing? Tian Li was unrelenting, but her tone became a little sad: "No wonder you just asked me, if you were forced to leave me here, would I blame you? So you had a premonition. What can I do?" I gave a strange cry: "It's not over yet!"! You're making me so mad! I said you are good at everything. How can you be full of feudal dross! I promise you, I will never leave you, we will be able to escape together, this damn ghost hit the wall, okay? Don't mention it. Besides, I'm really going to be angry! Two people have nothing to say for a while, holding hands quietly in the dark, experiencing this short peace. A few minutes later, Tian Li whispered, "Old Feng, did you find out?"? Why does it seem so much colder than before? We talked loudly, but we didn't see any more rain on the stone wall. Is there any big change in the environment? I was thinking about another strange question: "Tian Li, I have a feeling that this place is very different from the first time we entered the ghost wall. When we first came in, many places felt light on the soles of our feet, and it was a little empty to listen to each other. Unlike now,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, it is obvious that there is real land under our feet, and we have met many corpses and living people." Could it be that the ghost hit the wall and the second time we came in, it had already been broken? 。 fycgsonic.com

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